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Throwing shit out

I am in a "get rid of shit" mode. There's been a pile of books upstairs that has been sitting there for probably a year. It's mostly things I bought when I worked at the bookstore. I've decided if I haven't read them in the 8 years since I stopped working at the bookstore they can go. The problem was where until I finally looked at the library's website and they do take donations of course. In two weeks I've schlepped five boxes of books. I probably have another 5 to go. And I need to go through the books in the closet again too and get rid of more that aren't absolute favorites. Why am I getting rid of so many? I discovered, upon rereading many things this winter, that my hands can no longer handle reading many paperback books in a row. Which means that while most of my reading has already transitioned over to my kindle, even more will be going to the e-reader. I'm starting to buy new copies of favorites in e-versions. However, as I don't want my bookshelves to be empty, as gazing upon them brings me joy, many of them will have a permanent home despite the fact that I may never open their physical form again.

I'm also eating all the odd food in the house that I've bought at some point and never eaten. The last few days I've been putting bumbleberry ice cream syrup in my mochas (quite tasty actually) and have almost drunk the entirety of the hot chocolate reserve. I've also rearranged a lot of the cupboards as well, including organizing the spice cabinet. Why my husband had 5 containers of paprika and 9 of onion powder I will never know.

Today I started attacking the DVDs. Will we ever watch Deuce Bigelow Male Gigolo again? Probably not, it can leave. All the old VHS will be going, as cleaning them out of the cabinet will leave room for the DVDs we don't really watch but can't bear to part with yet.

Happy Winter Time!


Oliver wishes everyone the happiest of holidays.

Yay skool!

I regularly forget I'm starting Grad School in a few weeks. Probably because it's all through my computer. Today I had to send a pic for an ID card, which cracks me up. I'm going to be showing that thing off everywhere I can. I also think it's time to buy a University of Edinburgh t-shirt. Much fun has ensued as I've perused their shop. I can buy a scarf, blanket or tie in the University Tartan. There's a number of flasks and other means to imbibe with the university logo, including a crystal whiskey decanter. I might be able to come up with a reason for a scarf. Crystal whiskey decanter? Yeah, think I'll be skipping that one. Even though part of me wishes I had some use of one.

Go me.

Guess who got into grad school?

That would be me.

Go me.

Jul. 18th, 2013

It's sort of funny. I read lj almost every day, but I almost never post anymore. Why? I blame horses. They're really all I think about these days. Also, I blame myself for being a more stable person and less the emotional wreck I so often was. Less angst = less need to tell people about my angst. I have a horse blog where all the cool horse people have theirs

I did have to put down my beloved Penny Pony about a month and a half ago. Her health problems caught up to her. It was sad, but needed to be done. I've had a revolving door of horses through the property this summer: first Penny and Condor, then Banana came home, then I put Condor down (he was 29 and went downhill so fast,) then Sonny came, then I put Penny down. Then Sonny and Banana left. Then Remy the Rescue and Red Horse came. Then Banana came home. Then I evicted Remy and got Dotty the pony, who has now left. So, at present it's Red Horse and Banana. The two of them are getting along quite nicely, though Red Horse ate my garden. Brat.

Aug. 29th, 2012

penny haair
So Penny and I did spectacularly badly at Santa Fe. I've spent the time since then pondering her future as my competition horse. Long thoughts short: can't make a decision yet. In the meantime I'm taking Bean to Coconino in a few weeks. As I'm seeing things right now, she'll be my mount until A) I find another horse or B) Meatball decides he can go over a jump without over or under jumping it.

Why was Penny so horrendous? Seems she was in some sort of pain. Again. I've spent two years chasing after pain in that pony's body and dealing with it and I'm rather over it. If all she is is my trail pony I can put her on an NSAID and be done with it.

What I'm up to:

I'm out on a road trip with my mom where I've seen fabulous scenery and critters:

Help me pick a show name for my new mount

Since Penny is lame and continually hard to train/convince to do dressage correctly JM has offered me Faleen to compete until Penny and I can get things together. After our show this last weekend it's probably a good plan (picture below.) We got my second best dressage score ever. She's a 21 year old Holsteiner mare who was born in JM's front yard. Faleen is her registered name with her breed, she's named after Bambi's girlfriend. We call her Bean a lot and when she's full of herself "Faleeney Full of Beanies."  There is no horse with the name Full of Beans, which is the easiest name to give her. But, I wanted to see if you all could come up with something better.


Jun. 1st, 2012

Wow, I'm really not posting here a lot.

So, Penny and I placed 6 out of 6 at St Johns, which didn't earn us a qualifying ride for the AECs. Hoping for one at Round Top in two weeks and then one in Flagstaff in July. If I don't, oh well, obviously we weren't meant to get to the AECs this year. and they're a day's drive closer next year.

I have two old men horses summering with me. An old lady horse might be coming too. One of the old men belongs to my neighbor/vet, the other one to JM, whose place is where Penny has been all winter. She just threw her lying, cheating husband out and letting one of her horses eat my grass all summer is a huge help to her and barely inconvenient for me. I really enjoy having the two of them here. They're incredibly low maintenance and I just love them. And they're so incredibly happy and were instant friends. Penny should be coming home after Round Top, if JM deems us ready.

Milhouse continues to amuse and grow. He's getting fixed in a week and we've been only allowing supervised visits to the rest of the house, figuring he'll have a better confined recovery if he's not used to having the whole house to roam all the time. He's getting along with all the dogs; he and Weasley are best buddies. To our shock, Lily plays with him too. She ignores the other cats and always has but we're quite pleased she's decided Milhouse is someone to be friends with. 

I've been riding a lot of horses, up to five in a day and surviving. Doing yoga for 2.5 hours once a week. Agility with Weasley. And yet I've gained weight. On top of what I gained after my surgery I feel huge right now. Yeah, I'm probably not but it is the biggest I've been. It's probably time to put air in the bike tires.

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